In What Way Will Dark Suck?

Realmforge studios is bringing the world another vampire game. Sometimes death doesn’t sound too bad. Especially since I know it’s the last place I’ll ever find a vampire.

In their upcoming title Dark, Realmforge places the gamer into another tale of a vampire anti-hero fighting a world power. The main character’s name? Eric Bane (sigh). This time around the target is the evil GeoForge corporation. Dark, being labeled as a stealth RPG by many, is bound to get a range of mixed emotions from all kinds of gamers.

I wanted to hate this so bad when I first heard about it. Vampire story yes, but I’m a sucker for cell-shade animation. They still managed to make it look interesting. Maybe there’s more to Dark than just cashing in on a shooter version of the pop culture vampire sensation?

Despite my willingness to keep an open mind, I’m not falling for the preview just yet. Dark’s publisher Kalypso Media, along with Realmforge studios, both seem to have questionable gaming resumes. When I think of Kalypso’s hand in action games, I think of mediocre titles like The First Templar. Realmforge’s last contribution to the gaming world was Dungeons, which many gamers would simply call ‘meh.’

None of this means this game is going to be bad! In fact, I hope Kalypso and Realmforge knock it out of the park and help bring in a slew of new stealth RPGs with even bigger budgets.

Dark is slated for release on Xbox 360 and PC next year.