Resident Evil Chronicles HD Dated and Priced

Resident Evil has been a somewhat varied experience, offering both intense horror experiences and controlled on-rails experiences. The FPS experience started off poorly, however, as Survivor and Dead Aim were far from acceptable additions to the beloved franchise. Thankfully, Capcom shaped up and released two surprisingly solid on-rails lightgun shooters, Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, which coincided with past games. While they looked decent, fans of the franchise have been begging for the titles to hit the HD format. With the Playstation Move being released, that dream has come to a reality.

Today, Capcom has announced both the price point and the release date to the upcoming HD collection. You may see compilations like the Team Ico Collection or the God of War Collection asking $39.99 at launch, but not these games. Capcom has put a surprisingly low price point of $26.99 for the disc based game — a steal considering these two fantastic shooters are less than five years old and are being updated in HD. If you want to buy them separately, though, they will be offered at $14.99 each through the Playstation Store. Resident Evil Chronicles HD will ship to stores in North America on June 26, 2012, and a day later in Europe, and will see its digital counterpart July 17, 2012.