Preview: Snapshot

Originally in development for PC before Sony snapped up the rights, Snapshot is an innovative platformer where pictures of surrounding environments must be taken to solve puzzles.

You control Pic, an adorable camera robot built to collect energy spread throughout a large world. This is no ordinary platformer, though. Objects can be removed from existence by simply placing a viewfinder over them and snapping a picture. Once removed from the world, they can be placed wherever you’d like. Say you need to reach a platform ahead, but there’s a bottomless pit in your way. There’s no way you can make the jump, so you snap a picture of a nearby block, place it above the pit to jump on and you’re on your way.

This isn’t just a game about creating platforms. By taking snapshots, literally any object in the world can be captured including doors, jump panels and more. Light can even be photographed from a bright area and then pasted in a dark one to shed some…light…on the situation. Some levels are completed by unlocking a door, requiring you to snap a picture of a key and maneuver it over, bringing to mind the genius gameplay mechanics of Gameboy’s Donkey Kong. The possibilities of this concept are literally endless.

Another cool feature of Snapshot is that objects captured in motion remain in motion once pasted. Not only is this a nifty feature of the engine itself, but adds yet another layer to the puzzle solving. For instance, if there’s a gate-opening button too high to reach, a picture can be taken of a falling object and pasted upside down to shoot it upwards and hit the button.

With Journey and now Snapshot, Sony’s begun to make Playstation the debut console for innovative games, something the console has arguably lacked. While playable on PS3 via PSN, Snapshot seems like a perfect fit for the Vita.¬†Who needs retail titles with all these great indie releases?