Preview: Spy Hunter

The last time we saw the release of a Spy Hunter came with 2006’s Nowhere to Run. Conceived as tie-in to the eponymous film, the game used expected star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s likeness. Unfortunately, the game became an odd footnote (a movie tie-in without a movie) when the film got stuck in development hell and Johnson left the project.

Six years later, Warner Brothers Interactive have announced a reboot of the series to be making its way to Vita and 3DS this fall. Marking the 30th anniversary of the franchise, players will once again play as “Agent”  to stop a terrorist group from world domination the only reasonable way — using a G-6155 Interceptor super car that shoots missiles.

There will be more customization and transformation then ever before in Spy Hunter. The Interceptor can transform into a off-road assault vehicle or speed boat with the click of a button, allowing you to traverse the most unexpected terrain. While customization has yet to be detailed, you’ll be able to equip and upgrade multiple weapons to the Interceptor.

One of the most interesting new features will be an unnamed aerial support drone, letting you blow through the most unblowable-through blockades. The game will also feature an overhauled camera system featuring “Crash Choreography”, letting players see their destruction in slow-motion.

Spy Hunter has never received the same recognition as other classics, even though its once-innovative gameplay has always been a blast. Though the reboot of Spy Hunter features gameplay that is largely the same, it should be fun to revisit the series once again. Let’s just hope this time they don’t tie it in with a movie.