Five Reasons: Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Hardcore Gamer felt it necessary to review the first storyline based DLC to follow the epic conclusion of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City. Much to our dismay, nothing pertinent is revealed.


Without giving too much away, Arkham City had one of the most plot twisting easter eggs hidden found near the end of the game (yes, the one about Joker and Harley Quinn). This moment allowed the meticulous players who scour the game from corner to corner a true reward for their compulsive need to search everything. Right away, this Easter egg is displayed under a spotlight at the beginning of Harley Quinn’s Revenge. It was enriching for those who missed it, but cheap for those who hadn’t. Since this is a review of the DLC, here’s a quick breakdown of the DLC highlights.

Top 5 Reasons to Play Harley Quinn’s Revenge:

1. Who could complain about getting a chance to revisit Arkham City?

2. The streets are still alive with all-new and entertaining thug banter, including the inception of ‘Turkey Man.’

3. Play as Robin for those who never bothered to purchase the additional challenge modes (or for those without the initial pre-order).

4. Robin’s snap-flash. It’s one of those awesome yet rare gadgets absent in Batman’s arsenal.

5. Satisfying pops to Harley Quinn’s head.

Top 5 Reasons to Skip out on Harley Quinn’s Revenge:

1. Might as well wait until the GOTY edition drops in price, and pick up the all-encompassing bundle.

2. $10 is a bit steep given the amount of gameplay involved (less than 2 hours of gameplay). Short of missing some of Harley’s hidden balloon (definitely no pun intended), the average gamer should be able to beat this 100% in one swoop (pun definitely intended).

3. Though it chronologically picks up where Arkham City leaves off, this is hardly a continuation to the storyline. Aside from a few allusions by hypothesizing henchman, there really isn’t anything pertinent to the storyline.

4. Robin’s snap-flash. While it’s awesome, the opportunities to wield it are truly limited.


5. Looking for visual confirmation of Joker’s body? Not going to find it. Again, aside from thug rumors, there are no new facts regarding Joker’s twist ending death in AC. Leading the player to believe once more that Joker is truly deceased.

Overall, it’s still an awesome little revisit to the gritty world of AC. At the very least, there is some interesting character development for the major cast that will undoubtedly lead into the next DLC or sequel. Unfortunately, with the little replay value ($5.00 an hour gameplay,) and a mediocre storyline, it isn’t the best batarang for your buck.