Get Bonus! The Pinball Arcade Kickstarter Aiming for Star Trek: TNG

The Pinball Arcade’s Kickstarter to try to raise funds for The Twilight Zone licensing has been moving along at a nice pace, recently clearing 100% with a couple weeks left to go on the clock.  While earlier updates had mentioned an interest in putting any extra funds towards licensing Star Trek: The Next Generation, as of today it’s now an official stretch goal.  If FarSight Studios manages to double their goal and raise $110,000, then everyone who backs gets a ST:TNG reward to match their Twilight Zone tier.  Back at $10, get a copy of The Twilight Zone and Star Trek.  Back at $25, get both tables plus an exclusive pinball based on each of the licenses.

In other good news for The Pinball Arcade, earlier this week it was announced that Microsoft finally allowed FarSight to distribute codes so that the reward tiers are available on XBLA.  Up until then that was the only platform that couldn’t be supported with the rewards tiers, so with that hurdle out of the way there’s now no reason to hold off.  The Pinball Arcade is an incredible platform for preserving a truly classic form of arcade gaming, and deserves every bit of support it gets.