E3 2012: Aveline Could be Vita’s Hero

Aisha Tyler had to step aside at this year’s E3 for a whole new kind of killer foxy lady. Her name is Aveline, and she’s making all the AC diehards ask themselves, “Connor who?” Aveline, the main character of Liberation (and first female assassin), looks like a refreshing addition to the team. She’s more agile, and far more attractive, than her male assassin counterpart. High five Ubisoft.

We always wanted to have a hot female assassin in the palm of our hands, and now Ubisoft is making it happen with the newest Assassin’s Creed hero. This heroine is taking a leap of faith right onto the PlayStation Vita. Other than an innovative way of bringing a different kind of face to the Assassin’s franchise, she’s also giving Vita owners a rare chance to feel superior on their handheld console. Many reports state there will be vital gameplay controls supported by the Vita’s touchpad. Whether or not this is going to be brilliance is in question, but the opportunity is clearly there. PlayStation Vita is in dire need of a stronger title selection, and this has the potential to bring in an unprecedented system sales.

So what about the story? The good news is that it isn’t just a wannabe portable import of AC 3 that Vita fans have to suffer. In fact, Connor only makes a cameo in this delectable diva’s memory banks.

Want to hear a juicy rumor about the storyline that is making the diehard AC fans giddy? Desmond isn’t the one using the Animus…