E3 2012: Dawnguard Updates

Bethesda released new footage and information for Skyrim’s first downloadable content, Dawnguard. Coming out June 26th for Xbox 360, this addition has some much-requested new features.

The name Dawnguard comes from a group of vampire hunters who players can choose to join. Doing so gives players access to a new weapon: the crossbow, which does more damage and shoots more quickly than a normal bow but reloads slower. In addition to that, a new shout can be learned called “Soul Tear,” allowing you to collect souls, possibly more efficient than soul trap spells. Armor and weaponry stronger than Daedric is also included.

Becoming a Vampire Lord grants you several skills and buffs similar to that of the Werewolf. Melee attacks will rip enemies to shreds, two new summons in a gargoyle and a flaming horse, a dodge move that turns you into a cloud of bats, and a vampire grip that flings targets into the air. Dawnguard’s Werewolf upgrades include quicker attacks and the ability to scare off high level creatures.

Dawnguard boasts up to 20 hours of gameplay. Check the below footage to see the new enemies and areas, demoed by Bethesda’s own Todd Howard.