E3 2012: Microsoft’s SmartGlass

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the blatant knock offs Microsoft rips from the competitors. This is coming from a long time Xbox fan and consumer.

One of the only hardware announcements for the Xbox corner was a handheld device called SmartGlass. SmartGlass will become available for many mainstream devices both Windows 8 compatible and handheld. The idea is that it will help connecet your external devices to the 360, making it possible to get unique advantages and updates. Whether a movie, show, or game is being played, the device is designed to give the user updates like movie facts or special in-game bonuses.

There is almost no reason to pick up the SmartGlass. It would have been a break through in gaming technology if had been launched six years ago with the 360 in the first place. The most unique gaming perk of the device is on-screen solidarity. In a world of multiplayer-especially in games like Madden- it is nice being able to plan ahead without screen peekers ruining the fun.

One of the coolest advantages of the SmartGlass was the tap-and-transfer movie playback. Watch the movie on the go, sit down, and transfer it to the television. Never before seen in video game history! Oh wait, Vita did it!

The price is more than likely going to rival that of the Wii-U, and Nintendo has already wowed fans with their beefy launch title lineup.

Until the SmartGlass enables God Mode in every game you play, save your money for your Wii-U