E3 2012: Ninja Gaiden Clans to Hit Smart Phones Everywhere

The history of Ninja Gaiden is rich. If the series was a musical composition, to phrase it as such, Ninja Gaiden 3 was a flat note in a beautiful song. Now (Game producer) has the chance to finish strong. To keep the analogy going, the next entry in the franchise could be considered an unexpected bridge. And it’s one that carries over into a whole new medium. The next title, Ninja Gaiden Clans, is making its way to… Smart Phones?

Why smart phones? It seems strange Team Ninja wouldn’t attempt to launch this for one of the many handheld consoles in the first place. Unless they wanted to try and reach a new audience before the Wii-U title hits the shelves, this game seems more geared for social interaction than gamer entertainment.

There are a lot of potential issues with bringing a game to phones (lag and compatibility are just two of the bigger ones). What about the advantages? How about some neat little voice interaction? Better yet, how about the possibility of cross-linking to the other handheld systems like the Vita, Wii-U, and SmartGlass? It seems like the future of gaming is quite literally in the palm of our hands.