E3 2012: Star Wars 1313 – Bounty Hunting Never Felt so Fun

E3 updates are streaming in about the new Star Wars project in pre-production. The main controllable character is not only without name, but without light saber. The game places the player in the metal boots of a bounty hunter. It should be an interesting variant to the past few Star Wars releases, and has a long way to go before it ever sees the inside of a console.

The idea of a Star Wars third person shooter is pretty exciting. Star Wars has had puzzle games, fighter games, side scrollers, fantasy, RPG, and more. It was only a matter of time before shooters reached that far, far away galaxy.

1313 is in the beginning stages of development. There isn’t much more than speculation, but the wait and impending rumors are half the fun. What’s the biggest fanboy rumor thus far? It’s no surprise that the ‘unnamed’ bounty hunter makes everyone believe the man behind the armor is Boba Fett.

Unfortunately, the suspense is a slippery slope. If the bounty hunter isn’t Boba Fett, a lot of fans might be let down. Still, he’s more than likely going to cross the character’s path (at the very least).

Hardcore Gamers Decide: Which scenario would be cooler: playing as Boba Fett, having Fett as a major supporting character, or being pitted against Fett for whatever awesome TBD bounty hunter contractual obligations?