Top 10 Game Tips for Minecraft on 360

With honest sandboxes like Minecraft, its best to hang out with people who already played the game to give points and tips. Technique, shortcuts, and best practices are shared over XBLA like lice at a hat swap. In case you find yourself falling behind on the XBLA sensation, below are some quick tips on how to get caught up to speed in Minecraft.

1. Recognize your multiplayer settings.

Don’t want others to jump into your game? Make sure you check the appropriate box before loading up the save. Check Invite Only to ensure no one enters your personal world without your approval. This is important to remember because even if you pause the game, others can freely enter your world and ruin a perfectly good fountain you spent two hours mining, designing, and constructing! Deep breaths…. Deep breaths…

2. You get tools – use them!

When the game begins, there’s a natural tendency to be reserved with mined items. After all, before tools are made, it requires bare hands to tear through wood (enough to make anyone fond of holding onto the fruits of their labor). However, if A&E has taught us anything, it’s that hoarders never prosper. Use your material to craft tools. Even shovels can skim significant mine time off the daily grind. Start out by getting your tool on as early as possible.

3. Watch your valuables…

Playing with others is fun, but watch your resources. If they aren’t in your personal inventory, or in a hidden chest somewhere, they’re free for all. Losing twenty iron ingots isn’t too fun when you’re just starting out in the game.

4. Don’t feel cowardly. Switch it to Peaceful.

It’s pretty difficult to get started in the face of crawlers, spiders, and monsters. Don’t be afraid to switch the settings over to Peaceful until you establish a safe haven. The settings option appears every time the game is loaded. Set up your fortress on Peaceful, and reload the game on Hard for that dangerous Minecraft experience.

5. Look for open caves

Many of the rarer resources populate on the outskirts of natural caves. Save some digging time and search for these bad boys first.

6. Keep an eye out for soft pockets.

Deep underneath all the layers of stone are pockets of soft soil. Gravel, dirt, and sometimes sand are a good heads up that you reached the right place. Hollow out these natural pockets until you dug up all the softer resources. Many of the rarest resources are on the outskirts of these softer bricks.

7. Think in 3-Dimensions.

Remember, sky high and mile wide castles are awesome. But don’t be afraid to make your world super fun with a floating home or a subterranean network of catacombs.

8. Make your bed.

Sleeping is a lot less tedious than placing a bazillion torches. Unless you adjust your gamma, a dark cave is best lit by daylight.

9. Make it to your bedrock.

Dig deep until you reach that impenetrable bedrock. This is where you’re most likely to find the more elusive resources like bloodstone.

10. Don’t forget to unlearn everything you just read!

Minecraft is your game. Do what you want with it. Just because others have their idea of how it should be played doesn’t mean that’s how you have to play it.