E3 2012: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Demo Coming to eShop

At long last, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be arriving in stores at the end of July.

The latest  installment of the acclaimed franchise takes placed immediately after Coded and promises to tie the previous entries with the as-yet-unrevealed Kingdom Hearts III. Sora and Riku are both playable once again, but at different times depending on the patented “Drop Gauge”. While playing as one character, the gauge continuously lowers until its empty, at which point players automatically switch to the other. To stop it from depleting, players must constantly be defeating enemies which add a bit to the meter.

The 3D moments seem to be highlighted most with the Dive Mode, which allows transportation between each world. Sora and Riku dive head first through portals, collect items and defeat opponents along the way to the exit.

Some Disney characters which have appeared in images and videos so far include Quasimoto, Sam from the Tron sequel, and of course the world famous mascot, Mickey Mouse.

UPDATE: Nintendo announced at their 3DS presser that a demo for KH3D will be hitting the eShop “very soon”.