E3 2012: Dust 514 Free-for-All

There’s much more cause for celebration with the upcoming title Dust 514. Developer CCP (EVE Online and World of Darkness) is planning on bringing PS3 players a first person shooter with a premise interwoven directly into the EVE universe.

Not familiar with EVE? The quick rundown is simple: EVE is an online battle for galactic supremacy. The game is essentially a spaceship fighter game (to put it so generically). So how does this loop back around to a first person shooter? In a stroke of brilliance, CCP announced all the ground mercenaries in Dust 514 are hired by the factions in EVE. The success of the FPS campaign leads to dominance in EVE Online. This revitalizes the gameplay for their previous game through an innovative sci-fi FPS. It sets the stage for a glorious FPS with an established plot. Each grunt on the field understands the failure of their mission isn’t simply a load and play again scenario, but that the consequences for failure has significant repercussions.

Everything up to this point is beautiful, and it gets better. Take a look:

Dust 514 looks amazing. It isn’t simply a marketing strategy to draw in a crowd. It looks as impressive as the next first person shooter. How could it get any better than this?

Dust 514 is being released to PlayStation3 owners for nothing. This incredible free-for-all is going to be free for all. Want to get a chance at playing the game before it’s released? Keep an eye out for the upcoming beta release at the end of the month.