E3 2012: End of Nations FREE

End of Nations is a free game set to be available in the summer of 2012 for PC. This one doesn’t have the same characteristics as other strategy games, though. There is no need to gather supplies or worry about the economy. All you have to do is worry about creating the most effective military.

In the beginning, you choose one of two factions and classes. Instead of resources, you’re allowed to choose different companies such as land infantry and air combatants. It’s all about deploying your units to conquer nations. Choosing a good balance between offense and defense can be tough, but you will have opportunities to switch them around if tactics aren’t working as planned. If the enemy is building an air force, you can quickly assemble some anti-air missiles. Matches can range from 2-on-2 up to a massive 26-on-26. Of course, you’ll be able to play it solo as well.

In keeping with the usual MMO fashion, there will be guild options, huge worlds and more. Once you take over an area, your troops are given an extra boost. Although the game is free to play, perks can be purchased, including advanced scouts that will target enemies for a missile strike. In End of Nations, customizing to fit your style is the key to success.