E3 2012: Final Fantasy: Back to the Basics

Final Fantasy has always been at its finest when it’s at its simplest. Now Square Enix is releasing another revamped version entitled Final Fantasy Dimensions. The game will be made available to anyone with a bit of cash and a craving for a sizeable iOS RPG. Dimensions incorporates quite a few memorable features alongside some neat new ones.

The four Heroes of Light are back in action, ready to get the iOS party going. After a time, access to new characters is granted. These antiheroes, the Warriors of Dark, are just part of the fun. The game also features the traditional rank-up job classes (mage, monk, etc.), bringing more dimension to the game.

The benefits of the touchpad allow for quick battle decisions featuring some onetouch commands. Between updated processing speeds and quick decision making, the game has the potential for even more excitement. Some have already complained about the control interface. There is still some time before the release to improve the controls, and Square Enix has a decent track record of eliminating these sorts of irreconcilabilities (more so with high profile titles like Final Fantasy).

The cost on iOS is uncertain at this moment, but more updates are sure to be trickling in this way. Regardless, it should be an iOS title to grab.

Final Fantasy Dimensions is expected to be available this summer.