E3 2012: Hybrid

Featuring a massive online world at war, 5th Cell’s Hybrid is certainly a departure from the playfulness of Scribblenauts.

In the year 2032, the entire continent of Australia has been destroyed. An alternate reality universe clashed with ours and a species known as the Variant began emerging from the rift. A human alliance called Paladins have taken it upon themselves to battle against the Variant. You have been thrust into the middle of this war.

Hybrid is a multiplayer third-person shooter offering an innovative cover system where players can hide behind almost anything to protect themselves. The only downside is that this is the only way to move; there is no free roaming. Characters are able to use parkour type abilities to evade damage.  Reminiscent of Brink and Mirror’s Edge, the gameplay certainly looks fun.

Footage from the game shows players flying around on jet packs while shooting at opponents. As flying is possible, you’ll even be able to seek shelter on ceilings.

Hybird will be released on Xbox Live Arcade in summer of 2012.