E3 2012: The Amazing Spider-Man

The worlds most iconic arachnid is making the leap (once again) from big screen to home video game consoles. This reboot, developed by Beenox, is promised to be the most fun and action packed Spider-Man game in history.

Picking up after the new film, you’ll play through completely new stories and battle with new enemies.┬áCamera views and web swinging have been upgraded to give you more control over Spidey, bouncing around and even hitching rides on the top of cars. You can complete missions, unlock achievements, or just have fun swinging around the city.

Out June 26th for PS3 and 360, pre-ordering will unlock Rhino, one of Spider-Man’s enemies, and Stan Lee. Both playable characters, Rhino can plow and smash his way through traffic, while Stan Lee has all of Spidey’s abilities and can unlock a special surprise by gathering comic pages throughout the game. Happy swingings!