Okami Goes HD

Capcom seems to be quick on their toes today. Just as word came from early adopters of the latest Famitsu issue, Capcom has gone ahead and announced Ōkami HD for the Playstation 3. Priced at a measly $19.99 in North America, the remastered version of Ōkami will be released through Sony’s Playstation Store this fall and will be complete with HD visuals, Playstation Move integration and of course, Playstation Trophies.

Considering the popularity behind Capcom’s remastered Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X on the Xbox 360, it’s somewhat surprising that the company decided to push this exclusively on the Playstation 3. Regardless, Move integration will certainly provide more intuitive controls and just seeing Amaterasu run around in HD for the first time will be more than enjoyable as Ōkami is a series that needs more love.