Have 20 Minutes of Resident Evil 6

While Resident Evil 6 didn’t make it into our E3 Game of Show list, it definitely had a large presence at the event. Large confusing lineups filled a portion of the South Hall while we somehow snuck our way into the backroom to get some interesting presentations. In any case, we saw some gameplay from the upcoming sequel, but not to the degree that is shown here.

Capcom has posted about twenty minutes of gameplay footage from the Leon scenario, showing off the “horror” nature of his campaign. I suppose promises were made around Leon being the main driver of horror, whereas Chris is the balls-out action, and it’s Capcom’s job to assure fans they’re telling the truth, but the video itself doesn’t feel too much like traditional Resident Evil games. It has a strong vibe of a creepy and moody atmosphere, but it doesn’t necessarily scream out horror. Regardless, it’s a good taste of what you can expect this October 2nd, when the game ships for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (and PC at a later date).

Take a look if you dare, but be wary of some early-game spoilers.