Mike Tyson to Hit WWE ’13

Mike Tyson is planning on reappearing in the WWE Universe, and this time it’s in THQ’s WWE ’13.

“The baddest man on the planet is back – and only in WWE ’13,” Tyson brags, referencing himself in third-person. It seems a bit peculiar that he’s the selling point for THQ’s newest installment, as his involvement was something many WWE (then WWF) fans tried to forget. Hate him or love him, though, he’s coming back to your console.

Mixed reviews of WWE ’12, coupled with the loss of the UFC license to EA, means THQ has a lot riding on this next entry. It needs to be as much of a financial success as it is a champion of the fans. While the Hangover films have done worlds for Tyson’s public image, is this really the smartest choice for THQ? The main reason for Tyson’s involvement seems to be an attempt to offer a celebrity figure head for an in-game story mode which features the “Attitude Era.” The era was great, but Tyson’s involvement (up to and including the Wrestlemania appearance) is often times looked down upon.

One can only hope THQ has some strong gameplay to distract from the impending ramblifications of Iron Mike.