Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Released June 26th

Bioware has loosened their tongues and announced a sudden release date of June 26, four days from now, for the upcoming Mass Effect 3 downloadable content. The extended cut is the expanded ending that all the angry fans have been waiting for and will add to the final moments by offering new and exciting scenes that will bridge the gaps that were left unfilled. The DLC will be available completely free through Xbox Live, Playstation Network and the Bioware store, clocking in at 1.9 GB in size. Even though it feels as if most of the naysayers have calmed down, hopefully this will bring closure to this long and unnecessary conflict.

Bioware has also posted a 10 minute Q&A session hosted by Community Manager, Jessica Merizan with Lead Designer, Casey Hudson and Lead Writer, Mac Walters present to answer any general questions.