Journey Collector’s Edition Gets Detailed/Trailer

While mentioned at E3 and confirmed via twitter, there was still a mist of uncertainty around Journey Collector’s Edition. Thankfully, Sony has cleared it up with a debut trailer that details what will be included.

In addition to the Journey, thatgamecompany’s other games flOw and Flower will be included, in addition to a wealth of bonus content. Included on disc is the soundtrack and creator commentary play through for all three games, a 30 minute making-of documentary titled “The Road Less Traveled”, concept galleries, 3 exclusive TGC mini-games, exclusive Journey PSN avatars, a free month subscription to PS+ and more.

While “Collector’s Edition” still may not be the most appropriate moniker, it’s refreshing to see the fanfare given to this PSN gem. If the price is right, Journey Collector’s Edition should make a worthy addition to any gamer’s shelf when released August, 28th.