Let’s Watch The New Endings To Mass Effect 3

Just to be clear, these videos contain MAJOR SPOILERS if you haven’t played Mass Effect 3.

There was large outroar when Mass Effect 3 was released three months ago, but things seemed to cool down. A lot of fans weren’t particularly happy with the ending for a number of reasons, some being reasonable, others being stupid, but Bioware has been listening and today released the extended cut. Whether this will silence the disappointed or just fan the flame will be determined in the next week or two, but in the mean time, we’ve recorded all of the endings, new and altered, and present them to you below.

I urge Mass Effect 3 owners to play the extended cut as it’s not only free, but really does extend upon the story. Confusing plot holes have been filled and now the game will take your choices all through the trilogy into consideration. It feels more like a definitive ending, giving you a satisfying resolution to the conflict, no matter what ending you get. This certainly has been a strange ride, so tell us what you think of the endings and the whole situation!