The Walking Dead Episode 2 To Release This Week

Fans of The Walking Dead franchise should be happy to learn that the second episode of Telltale Game’s series will be released June 27th on XBLA and June 29th on PC and PSN. To be honest, it’s not surprising to see the game releasing so late in the month considering the company’s track record of keeping to dates. They seem to squeeze every day they can before releasing, which is why we waited over two months for this one to hit. Hopefully it adds up to a more polished product when it ships.

If you read our review on the first episode, you should know that this isn’t a game to pass up on, infusing the fascinating world of The Walking Dead graphic novels with Telltale’s well-structured storytelling mechanics. It’s not a third-person shooter, nor is it a highly action packed adventure; it requires you to solve every day puzzles mixed in with some brutal moments you hope never make it into your life. Here’s hoping the second episode lives up to the first.