Dead or Alive 5’s Rig Revealed

Just as Famitsu briefly revealed a new character for Dead or Alive 5, Tecmo Koei has posted an English trailer for the reveal of both Rig and Bass. Of course we all knew Bass was going to make it in DOA5 as, if Tina was in it, so was he, but Rig on the other hand is a new and unique character. As mentioned before in the earlier post, Rig is a Canadian Tae Kwon Do fighter who, in the video at least, has a strong focus on kicks-based attacks. Looking at the gameplay for Bass, he really hasn’t changed much as he still relies heavily on his pro wrestling abilities.

There seems to be a bit more of a push in story as, in the trailer, there are a couple cinematics of Rig interacting with other characters before fighting them. Meeting the deadly assassin Christie in a bar and then moving to what looks like an oil rig, casually talking with your co-worker Bass. It almost seems like the clothing a character wears will change through the campaign based on where you are and what is happening. Even Christie’s costume fits more in line with the story, rather than just being her traditional tight attire.

Anyways, watch the trailer below and see what the newcomer is capable of.