The Expendables 2 Video Game Coming This Summer

The upcoming Expendables 2 film is filled to the brim with old action movie stars, so why hasn’t anyone actually capitalized on the idea to turn it into a video game? The first film was basically an over the top action flick in the vein of Call of Duty. Truthfully, I don’t think most of us hardcore gamers would care, but it seems like a smart move.

Well, speculate no longer, as Ubisoft has broke the news that they have been working on a video game adaptation scheduled for a summer release, most likely coinciding with the release of the movie. It seems like some developers are wising up to the idea that we don’t want sixty dollar movie adaptations, especially if they’re Battleship quality, as The Expendables 2 video game will be released digitally through PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and PC at a reasonable price.

The game will be a twin-stick shooter that features up to four players cooperatively, and will contain some of your favorite characters. Play as either Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) or Yin Yang (Jet Lee) in an all out war trying to rescue an “extremely valuable, kidnapped billionaire.” Check out the images below.