High Moon Studios Working on a Marvel Game

The fine folks at High Moon Studios, creators of Darkwatch and Transformers: War for Cybertron, are apparently moving from Hasbro properties to Marvel. Gameinformer is reporting that at next week’s San Diego Comic Con, Activision will be hosting a panel called “Marvel Video Games” where they will announce the future of Marvel video games and High Moon’s involvement. We will also hear more about Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes MMO, and Ubisoft’ s Avengers: Battle for Earth.

Being that the company has done great things for the Transformers license, breaking away from the Micheal Bay influence, we only have high hopes at what the studio can bring us next. For all we know they will be doing a true open world Spider-Man game, but lets just hope it’s not a movie-based licensed. As much as they do Activision well, it’s the games that are truer to their comic-book counterparts that make them look more respectable. We’ll keep you posted when more information presents itself.