A Grim Look into The Secret World

If you’re unaware, The Secret World is out right now. Coming from the Dreamfall and Conan MMO developers, Funcom has a long history of great titles that were somewhat unappreciated. Hopefully, The Secret World is not one of them as this unique massively-multiplayer online title tries something new with the setting and overall level-mechanics. It’s not a fantasy MMO or a space MMO; it’s more of a fictional shooter seated in current day. The combat is not level-based; instead the game focuses on your ability and the skills you obtain. How you make it through the waves of enemies is one hundred percent up to your capabilities and not the game’s. Magic, guns, mythology and so much more, The Secret World has the potential to set the world on fire.

Concern grew yesterday, however, when the CEO of Funcom, Trond Arne Aas, stepped down from his position, a day before the game shipped. The biggest question was why? Was The Secret World’s quality below his expectations, or was it that he just didn’t believe in the product? Regardless, the game is out now for you to judge, and comes with it is a well made launch trailer.