Halo 4 Requires Hard Drive For Multiplayer

Microsoft has announced that to experience Halo 4 multiplayer, you’ll need at least a 8GB Flash Drive or a 360 HDD, with the HDD providing the “optimal” experience.

For most gamers, this should be an non-issue, but three Xbox 360s are sold without the storage requirements to play Halo 4 Multiplayer out of the box, including the Arcade, Core and 4GB models.

It seems silly that the 360 has been out 6 years, yet some people either don’t have storage or the minimal amount. Even with months of warning, except “controversy” come release day when people are outraged at Microsoft for not being able to play multiplayer because they were too cheap to spring for a HDD, or god forbid shell out $14.79 for the flash drive.