NiGHTS Into Dreams Getting an HD Overhaul

It was teased earlier in the week, and confirmed today via a sweet trailer that the legendary NiGHTS Into Dreams is getting its biggest upgrade yet to celebrate its 16th anniversary. This will be the second remake of the beloved purple-clad jester’s first adventure, as a Japanese PS2 one was done in 2008. The new remake looks even better, hopefully smoothing out some of that incarnation’s rough edges (like texture pop-in that wasn’t even in the original Saturn version). Speaking of which, that will be included as well, but it isn’t known if Christmas NiGHTS will be. Given its relative brevity, there’s no good reason it shouldn’t be included, although I wouldn’t expect it as a freebie – more of an expansion upon the base XBLA/PSN/PC download version like the DX versions of Sonic Adventure being available as XBLA add-ons.

No exact release date or price is known, but hopefully it’s soon, as this is one of the most fun and addictive games ever made.