Surprise! The Last Story Ships Next Month

The long awaited release of The Last Story is finally coming to a close as XSEED confirmed today that the game will be released next month on August 14th. The Last Story, if you don’t know, was released over a year ago in Japan (January 27, 2011) and came from Mistwalker, a team founded by famed Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi. The game contains a darker and more dire setting, similar to Mistwalker’s first release, Lost Odyssey, and features a compelling and emotional storyline.

Despite publishing The Last Story in Japan, Nintendo refused to bring it into North America and Europe, similar to why it took Xenoblade Chronicles so long to get here, so we should be thankful to the men and women at XSEED for picking up the torch and localizing it in the west. I must say though, August 14th seems to be one crowded week as Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs and THQ’s Darksiders II will also be released. It’s becoming somewhat of a rarity to find three AAA titles released within a summer, let alone in the same week.