July MW3 ELITE Content Announced

Get ready to blow more $#^! up. Exciting new Modern Warfare 3 maps and missions are being released this month exclusively for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members will receive three exclusive multiplayer maps and a new Special Ops mission. The mission Vertigo allows you to dispatch helicopters from a rooftop vantage point of the Oasis Hotel, whereas Decommision takes place in graveyard of rusted ocean liner and Offshore takes place, you guessed it, in the middle of the sea atop an oil rig. Making its return as the third map is Terminal, a Modern Warfare 2 fan-favorite. The Russian airport map will be released to ELITE members on July 17th and will be available to non-ELITE players the following day.

Let’s not forget PS3 ELITE members. They will be receiving three Face Off maps as well as a Special Ops mission. Drop into a farm ravaged by a tornado in Vortex. Weave through U-Turn a war-torn Middle Eastern highway. Take the fight back home as you fight through the streets of New York City in Intersection. The Special Ops mission has you going by land, air, and sea to destroy a Russian warship in Arctic Recon. All PS3 content will be released on Thursday, July 19th. Have fun playing nothing but Modern Warfare 3 that whole weekend.