Calling Upon Bill in The Last of Us

At this year’s Comic-Con, Naughty Dog and SCEA revealed a brand new character named Bill, a resourceful man who is from Joel’s past. He is another survivor in the The Last of Us’ now deadly world who seems to have some sort of history with our lead “hero”, as Joel calls upon a favor. Along with his reveal comes a cutscene from the game showing off his somewhat believable reaction to trespasser.

The Last of Us is a game set in the not too distant future when a fungus-like virus spreads and causes mass chaos. Much like 28 Days Later, you will have to survive the fast and hungry beasts while fighting your way through disgruntled survivors. You’d think a little girl following your tail would be nothing but a nuisance, but Ellie is an aggressive one, willing to fight for her survival and for Joel’s. The Last of Us hits the Playstation 3 exclusively early next year.