Build a Bundle 2 Launched

The second Build a Bundle is out and gives you a dozen games to pick and choose from. The second iteration brings Dead Horde, Iron Grip: Warlord, Will Fight For Food, Dino D-Day, Hammerfight, Syberia II, A Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkyrie, Depth Hunter, Alien Breed: Impact, DogFighter, Postal, and Tiny Bang Story (swear to God that’s the game’s name). If presently unannounced goals are met, EPs and bonus games will be given away to existing bundle buyers. As is the norm for this bundle, if you’ve already got some of the games on here, like the recently-bundle Dino D-Day, you can just avoid that and pick only the games that interest you, instead of winding up with a slew of games you’re not interested in.