The Old Republic Goes Free-to-Play This Fall [Update]

This really didn’t come to us as a surprise but, Bioware has announced today that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be going free-to-play this fall. This seems like a strong trend among most massively multiplayer online games as you rarely see the subscription-based model being used this day and age. That said, The Old Republic won’t be 100% free as access to levels higher than 50 and new content will be limited to anyone who pays a monthly fee.

Being that subscriptions to The Old Republic have gradually been declining, this is probably the best thing for the game, offering a means of expansion to gamers who may have been turned off by the idea of a reoccurring payment. In addition, starting this August, the game will be offered at an incredibly reduced price of $14.99 with a one month free subscription. Hopefully this will be offered at retailers, as well, as the game itself is over thirty gigabytes in size.

Update: Bioware has updated The Old Republic site with the comparison list of features that will differ between the two versions.