Sony Posts a Loss in Q1 2012

If you hadn’t noticed already, the economy isn’t exactly thriving and the video game industry can’t avoid its share of hits. Sony Corporation posted their biggest annual loss ever of $5.2 billion a couple months ago, but unfortunately the bad news continues to stack. During their financial call in Japan this morning, Sony has posted their first quarter financial year results (that take place between April 1st and June 30th) with a net loss of $312 million.

Only four of the nine sectors announced a gain, and unfortunately the video game department wasn’t one of them. The game division took a $45 million hit with sales down 14.5% from last year. At the moment it’s Sony’s cameras, devices (semiconductors and components), music and financial services that are keeping the company afloat, but even most of them have decreased year-over-year. Sony’s future is still hazy as the once prosperous company is now struggling in a very competitive market.