Bobby Kotick Plays the Blame Game

During an investors call concerning Activision Blizzard’s earnings, Bobby Kotick had to answer for why retail sales have been slouching. Of course, it’s not the fault of himself or Activison. How could it be? No, according to Bobby, it’s the fault of everyone else:

I also think you’ve had, unfortunately, a stream of products that are less than adequate from some of our competitors. The demand in the marketplace is for great quality products. If you look at the success we’re having it validates that there is an opportunity for great quality products but I think at this stage in the cycle, it’s challenging for anything other than great quality products.”

Makes sense. Competitors are shipping games bad enough to turn people off from gaming completely. If only gamers would only buy Activision titles; never again would doubt exist that the game were anything less than perfect.

Deferring more responsibility, Kotick even states that people aren’t buying games because the replay value is too high.

“And I also think that a lot of the games we make, like Call of Duty, that are multiplayer games offer a lot of replayability, and when you have the opportunity for replayability in an economic environment like this, you’re going to spend more time playing the games that you have.”

While he’s not exactly wrong, it’s a slippery slope to start blaming high replayability for low sales. If that kind of thought continues, it could prove dangerous in a marketplace where many complain about lack of content already.

Of course, in a world where a man’s related searches are “Bobby Kotick Devil” and “Bobby Kotick Evil”, what can you expect?

Source: gamesindustry