Yes, We Want Lumines DLC

One of the top launch games for Vita wasn’t a major franchise, but (yet again) Lumines. Lumines: Electronic Symphony showed off the beautiful OLED screen and featured some of the best uses of the rear touchpad yet. As great as the soundtrack was, the hope was for it to be continually expanded through DLC. Unfortunately, this has yet to come to fruition. Perhaps sales weren’t as expected or online play was tracking soft.

Lumines (or whoever mans the page) has taken to Facebook to gauge fan support of DLC. While more of a grassroots campaign, it is hinted that an HD remake of fan-favorite “Shinin”” could surface:

Who wants some DLC? To be clear: This is not something that’s planned at the moment, but if enough people say “yeah!”, maybe Electronic Symphony’s publisher, Ubisoft, will greenlight a high-def Vitafied recreation of ‘Shinin”? Dare to dream.

Head over to the Facebook page to voice your support.