Play Dragon Quest X in Eight Complicated Steps!

Dragon Quest X is awesome. It’s everything we love about MMOs and Dragon Quest rolled into one delicious game. Unfortunately, Square Enix doesn’t seem to think Americans are willing to pay for a subscription-based online Wii game from a somewhat popular franchise. Those fools!

Luckily, NeoGAF has found a simple workaround to play the Japanese version:

Step 1. Buy a Japanese Wii

Step 2. Import Dragon Quest X

Step 3. Buy a 16GB External USB HDD.

Step 4. Format the drive into a proprietary filesystem for the Wii

Step 5. Buy Wii Points from the Japanese eShop

Step 6. Pay the $12 Monthly Subscription fee

Step 7. Download OpenVPN on mac or mHotspot on Windows.

Step 8. Pay for a monthly VPN service ($5-$10/month).

That’s right: for just an initial investment of $300 and $17 a month you could be playing Dragon Quest X right now. Of course, you’ll need to understand Japanese or continually use fan-created translation guides.

Honestly, you’re stupid not to do this.