GameStop Gets Shafted On 007 Legends Pre-Order

Activision has today announced pre-order bonuses for the highly-anticpated 007 Legends. Coinciding with the Bond franchise’s 50th Anniversary, Legends will feature famous locations spanning the history of the series. Those who preorder from Amazon will recieve the Nemesis Pack, including playable characters Baron Samedi and Jaws. Fans may recognize Baron as the spooky skeleton-painted top hat-wearing voodoo villain from Live and Let Die, while Jaws will be sporting his form-fitting Moonraker space suit. Both characters will be playable in “Legends” and split-screen multiplayer modes.

So what’s GameStop’s enticing bonus? A James Bond Outfit and the Walther PPK pistol. That’s, uh, something. Let’s weigh the options; two famous playable James Bond villains or a James Bond outfit and pistol

…Two new characters or the chance to play dress-up…

Tough Call! Head over to Amazon to pre-order or, well, you don’t really need the GameStop link, do you?