Jet Set Radio HD Coming to PSN First

Touted for months, Jet Set Radio HD finally has a release date and price tag. More shocking, however, is the fact that Sega is giving the nod to the PSN version:

  • PSN: September 18th
  • XBLA & PC: September 19th

As you can see, Jet Set Radio HD will debut exclusively on PSN with other releases to follow in the near future. PS3 gamers will have their hands on the $9.99 game well before Microsoft gamers even get a chance to download it. The delayed XBLA release could hint that the PSN release is the premiere version or that Sega is simply playing favorites. Infact, those who are PS+ members will get the game even earlier on September 11th.

Sure, right now it’s just Jet Set Radio HD, but what’s next? AAA titles like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed? Stand for equality and don’t download JSRHD on PSN until September 19th when everyone can have it.