Indie Royale Gone Fishin Bundle Now Dockside

It feels like forever since the last indie game bundle launched, but the folks at Indie Royale are back – and ready to bait you in with a fishing theme! For a bit over $5 presently, you can get SOL: Exodus, All Zombies Must Die!, Cubemen, SQUIDS, Platformance: Castle Pain, and Platformance: Temple Death. Extras include a bonus game in VedderGeddon and an OST and artbook for SOL: Exodus. If you pay more than $8, you’ll unlock Floex’s Pocustone album, which goes for $9 alone on Amazon in mp3 format. There’s a good mix of strategy gaming and platforming in this bundle and the bonus album sounds like it’s worth the extra $3 based on the snippets linked above.