Your Defining Childhood Experience Almost Didn’t Happen

Were you one of the millions of kids, teens or young adults that spent hours of precious spare time blasting away your friends in Goldeneye 007? You know, back when you needed friends to play multiplayer? Now picture this: all those great moments you have fond memories of were dangerously close to never happening.

During a special postmortem today with Goldeneye director, Martin Hollis, it was announced that a game once three years in development hastily added multiplayer in just a month:

“It was done without the knowledge or permissions of the management at Rare and Nintendo,” he laughed, noting that if the team had not put it together on the sly before showing it to management, there’s no way it would have been allowed — the game was already late as it was.”

That’s right: the defining feature of the defining game of the 90s was never intended to ever exist. Does this make you question your existence, or what?

Source: Gamasutra