Is EA/Origin Support This Atrocious?

After Command and Conquer: Generals 2 was repurposed into a free-to-play game, a member of Command and Conquer forums took it to EA/Origin support to get a refund. As can be seen in the transcript below, the agent seemed to have no idea the game was cancelled and stated “Refund not possible” before leaving the chat:

We were prepared to do an article on the insanity of this tech support log until we noticed just how many users were having similar issues with the (totally American, we’re sure) EA/Origin tech support. We’ve snagged as many logs as we could find and collected them in a handy gallery below. As hilariously ludicrous as these are, it’s unfortunate such a major publisher/supplier of games could employ such a careless tech support team. EA need heed these horror stories and improve the service.

Do you have similar horror stories about their support? Post your experience in the comment section or send in your screen-grabs and we’ll make sure to post them.

  • Leon the Hart

    EA has always had atrocious support — one of the many reasons I tend to avoid EA games. As an example, I am a diehard Neverwinter Nights fan, and as soon as Bioware was bought by EA, EA scrapped all support for NWN (even though the community, to this day, is rather large) and refused to offer even downloads for past patches. The only way to patch the game now is to get in touch with other fans who can send you the files.

    EA as a company sucks, basically.

  • Leon the Hart

    Also that transcript where the “support” guy sarcastically tells the customer to delete his C: drive is sickening.

  • Nathaniel Pillar