Plants vs. Zombies Sequel Stumbling To an Early 2013 Launch

Plants vs. Zombies was undoubtedly a major hit among both casual and hardcore audiences, offering fun and addictive tower-based gameplay that made zombies ever so adorable. Strap on your flowerpot hat again as PopCap Games has announced today that a follow-up to their wildly successful franchise will be hitting digital retailers as late as June of 2013. No platforms were announced, but expect it to come out on basically everything under the sun.

Franky, it’s amazing it took PopCap this long to release a sequel. The first game came out in May of 2009 for PC and took the world by storm as it invaded other social and digital platforms such as iOS and Xbox Live Arcade. The game generated over a million dollars in its first nine days when it was released on iOS, so you’d think they would have capitalized on its success much sooner. Regardless, you can expect more plants, zombies and mischief to come early next year.