R.I.P. Nintendo Power

Sad news today as it was announced Nintendo Power would be ending its near-25 year run. Nintendo was apparently uninterested in renewing the contract with current publishers, Future Publishing, or taking part in digital initiatives to further the brand.

One of the longest running magazines in the country, Nintendo Power was a great source for all things N that managed to get people genuinely¬†excited about the latest products. With our five year history as a magazine, news like this always hits close to home. Many of our staff were glued to the publication throughout the ’90s, with the included fold-out posters littering our bedrooms. While the magazine certainly changed under the new ownership, the brands mere existence was a reassuring notion in a digital age.

Future Publishing, who’ve published the magazine since Nintendo stopped doing it in-house, will move staff to other Future properties. We never like to see game journalists lose employment, so hopefully this remains the case.

Goodbye old friend.