Resident Evil 6 Goes Gold

Capcom has announced today that the next installment into the famed franchise has officially gone gold, locking in the release date for October 2nd for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (with a PC version coming at a later date). This means that development on the game has ceased and the manufactuering process has begun, over a month before it ships to retailers. Expect to see a boatload of copies at your nearby Gamestop or Best Buy.

It was also announced recently that alongside Resident Evil 6 comes, an online service that looks to enhance your gaming experience. In this announcement, Capcom has detailed all the specifics of this service, along with a trailer demonstrating how it will work. Compare your stats with friends through your computer or mobile devices, earn points to spend in Mercenaries mode, and compete in organized “Champion Belt” events.