Final Fantasy Dimensions Coming to iOS 8/31

A newly launched website for Final Fantasy Dimensions reveals the game will make its North American Debut on August 31st. Previously announced for Android and iOS, it seems as if the Android version may have been delayed — hopefully not scrapped — as iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad are the only devices listed.

Originating in Japan for “iMode” phones, the release marks the first time the game will be available on iOS. With the new platform comes improved sound, graphics and controls. It’s unclear if the game will be episodic (à  la Wii’s My Life as A King) or combined into a single release.

Featuring similar Job Change and Active Time Battle systems, Dimensions is a 2D RPG much in the vein of Final Fantasy V. The plot concerns a world divided into darkness and light, focusing on two different groups of young warriors representing said factions.