Be Mine Bundle 4 Released

The fourth incarnation of the Be Mine Bundle is out and delivers five games alongside a variety of music. Zero Gear, Revelations 2012, Guns of Icarus, Metal Drift, and Laxius Force round out the games available, while a special Be Mine 4 EP is the default album included. 20% of the money raised goes to charity: water.

Those who spend $5 or more will get Noah T’s “Work With Me” album and access to the Icarus Online beta. Thanks to the bundle already receiving 1,000 units sold, Sub ON, a Special EP, and Vol. 1 of the Destruction Series are additional albums unlocked with a purchase. All of the games but Laxus Force include Steam keys, with the first two only being delivered via Steam, and the inclusion of two racing games helps make this one of the more appealing bundles out there if you’re into console-styled games.